Does The Floor Become Slippery With The Wrap?

The dance floor wrap will not change the overall texture of the floor. However, just like with any dance floor surface, it can become slippery if drinks are spilled on it.

Can the wrap be installed over carpet?

Unfortunately, we can’t do dance floor wrap over a carpeted surface. You have two options for this. We can either lay down a dance floor or we can wrap a plywood subfloor. This is to ensure a seamless look.

How much does a dance floor wrap cost?

The cost of a dance floor wrap is based on the size of the dance floor being wrapped or the space available to install the wrap.

We charge per square foot, the larger the dance floor or dancing space the more material will be used, so the price will be higher.

The cost includes design, printing, and installation. If you are thinking about getting a dance floor wrap, give us a call or email, we will be more than happy to assist you.

I want an average size dance floor.

There is no average size floor wrap. Every dance floor or dance space has a size. In order to give an accurate quote, you might need to talk to your point-of-contact at your venue of choice for the exact size of their dance floor and the amount space available for a wrap.

How do I remove the floor wrap?

After your event is over, you can choose to remove the floor wrap yourself or we can take care of it for you, for an additional fee. Our floor wrap specialists will always ensure that your floor wrap is removed precisely and carefully to ensure that the floor underneath remains damage-free.

Is the Wrap reusable?

No, it’s a one-time application.