Below are standard floor wrap sizes but we can customize the floor wrap into a preferred size. 


Dance Floor Wraps

Standard Sizes

Our Floor Wraps start at $550 with install. We can create any custom size.

  • 8×8 ft.
  • 10×10 ft.
  • 12×12 ft.
  • 12×16 ft.
  • 16×16 ft.
  • 18×18 ft.
  • 20×20 ft.
  • 24×24 ft.
  • 26×26 ft
  • 28×28 ft

The round floor wraps are an additional fee. 

Floor Decals

We provide transparent floor decals to go on top of dance floors. The decals start at $500 for design, print and install.

  • Our decal size starts at 8×8 and we can assist you with deciding on the right size to fit your dance floor.
Chrome Floors

We have a couple options when it comes to the chrome floors.

The chrome floor wraps are an additional cost. The chrome floors comes in rose gold, gold, silver, and red. The Chrome will need to be installed on top of temporary flooring. 

Aisle Runners

If the aisle runner need to be installed on carpet, grass, or cement, we will need to first install temporary flooring or a riser at an additional fee. 

The price can vary depending on the size needed. Here are some rates based on the size below. However, we can create any length aisle runner. 

  • 4×16 
  • 4×24 
  • 4×32
  • 4×40 
  • 4×48  
  • 4×56 
  • 4×64 
What You Should Know

Floor Wraps can not be installed on carpet without a dance floor or temporary flooring. Please let us know if you need flooring to go underneath the wrap. 


What’s Included: All Floor wraps and decals include design, printing, and installation.

Removal: There is an additional fee for the removal of floors. You may ask for instructions on how to remove the wrap or decal yourself.

Size: If the venue already has a dance floor, the floor wrap will need to be the same size of the dance floor to give it a polished look.

*All clients are responsible for confirming with venue that floor wraps and decals are permitted. If there is carpet, temporary flooring or a dance floor will need to be installed before the floor wrap can be installed.

*Rates can vary depending on location. Sales Tax will be applied to each order.

About Us

Detroit Floor Wraps is a special event company aiming to bring a luxurious touch to your event. We specialize in custom dance floor wraps in the Metro Detroit Area